Sunday, 15 May 2016

Tony Barrow 

This year as seen its share of celebrity deaths, 
and its always sad when someone connected to the beatles
passes away. 
But sadly i have just read about the passing of  Tony Barrow.
He worked for Decca in the early days  and wrote te liner notes
that were on the back of the LP covers. He then started working
for Epstein at NEMS when he promised to double his salary 
that he was getting at Decca. It was his idea to send out beatles 
Christmas greetings. 
He traveled the world with the fab four in 65 and 66. 
Conducting there regular press conferences, as they became
more and more frequent whenever they were on the road.
And setting up photo shoots for the boys when they returned 
home from their punishing touring. 
It was him who compiled and edited the Magical Mystery 
Tour's cartoon strip style story booklet that came with the 
R.I.P Tony Barrow. 

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