Thursday, 22 September 2016

Do I Need A Reason

So lately My little princess has been a bit down. 
I have as always, been there for her. Its so nice to see her 
smile, she is so special to me. 
Its been nearly 3 years! I didn't think she would even be 
with me after 3 months, I have never felt good enough for her.
But this girl has shown me a lot of love, and more then that,
she has always been there for me, and her constant support
during a very hard and trying 2015 for me, helped me threw 
a lot of hard times. 
Maybe not everyone understands her, maybe not everyone 
understands me. But together we understand each other 
in a way and on a level no one could ever understand. 
So this message is just for you Celeste. To say i love you, 
i try every day to do whats best for you and i will always 
support you. ONE DAY we will be together and i promise to 
give you the life, happiness and adventures you deserve. 
Love you forever
I mean that 100% 

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