Wednesday, 30 November 2016

I Miss George 

15 Years ago yesterday this lovely man 
left this world after a battle with cancer. 
But his smile, his music and his wonderful
spiritual lyrics live on forever. 
The quiet Beatle. 
The Spiritual Beatle. 
The Gardener. 
There are many post on facebook 
and on twitter. Calling him a god, 
calling him an icon. 
And i'm not going to do that. 
I don't want to imagine George or
any other beatle as a god. Because 
they are human. And Because they 
are human, we can relate to them, 
to then songs and to their work. 
We can feel close to them. 
And we can LOVE them in a more human way.
We all miss you Georgie boy.
You were taken to soon.

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