Saturday, 27 February 2016

My Very Own Guitar Collection

Yep, Okay, i'm addicted to owning guitars, and this is 
the collection i have built up over the past three years. 
I know i have not been posting as much lately but i have 
been working a lot lately on my big Beatles canvas, and i have
also been hard at working making my room into my very
own Beatle museum. 
I will now go on (for those who are interested) to tell you 
a little bit about reach guitar. so below, i have numbered 
1: The John Lemon Chickenbacker!
Okay so its not the actual Rickenbacker electric guitar
used by John, BUT its a very very very close copy 
(just with a sound hole and missing one pick up) 
I even made a replica of the set list taped to Johns 
Real one!
2: Acid Dream! 
This guitar is unfinished, unstrung and has no electrics
but it will soon! I a building it and it weighs a ton! 
I dip it in a dustbin with special swirling painting 
in it floating on top of warm water! 
3: The Fool Guitar!
This is my take on the same style one john had in 1967.
I painted it about three years ago, and it still sounds 
4: The Diamond!
A guitar i brought off gumtree, but never worked 
to good, so i'm in the early stages of making it all 
covered in fake diamonds!
5: Hello - Goodbye!
A guitar i got only at the start of this month!
I am going to paint on it, but might end up 
buying another one exactly the same in the future
so i could have just one that looks like the guitar
John used in the "Hello, Goodbye" music video.
6: Beatles Uke!
A Ukulele my girlfriend Celeste sent me a couple 
of years, back, and now, i have covered it in beatles
photos, and all it needs now is a clear coat!
7: Red Acoustic:
Just because i wanted a guitar the same color
as Johns red guitar he had as a teenager! 
It even has his name on it. lol 
8: The Psychedelic Celeste!
A guitar i covered in Beatles photos and put
my girls name on! Needs new strings though! 
9: Silver Les Paul!
A rockburn Les Paul Style guitar, Again
it doesn't work but it is very pretty!

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