Wednesday, 1 June 2016

It was 49 years ago today

It was 49 years ago today The Beatles released
their iconic album (as they all were) Sgt Pepper's 
Lonely Hearts Club Band.
The first concept album, and the first ever album 
cover to look this cool. I love sgt pepper
and i love all the songs on the album. 
From the start to the finish, they are all amazing.
It is an album the likes of there will never be again. 
An acid tripping album full of flowers and fun. 
every music filled second of the album is 
pure bliss... I didn't like this album that much to 
begin with if i am honest, but i now love it. 
But i do love all the albums, so there is nothing 
new there. 
  But this is the best album to come out of the whole 
psychedelic movement, and in my opinion was the 
best thing to come out of 1967, and the top of
greatness for the whole flower power years. 
Long live Sgt Pepper 

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