Saturday, 4 June 2016

Nearing an end?

I have been trying hard to be an artist for years now. 
During that time people have tried to get one over on me,
put me down and so on. If it was people threatening to 
call their lawyers unless i give them the rights to my 
pictures for no real reason. Or if it be bitter women 
telling me i cant make it, and never will make it. 
I have just laughed most of them off, because these words
don't really effect me, not that much, they annoy me 
sure, but not really hurt me. 
Most of my art is no longer online, as some idiots have
made it their mission in life to report all my art on my
pages as soon as its put up. 
But i have however got a few people who always are 
nice to me and about my art. For them i have done 
art work and i am pleased when they get it and enjoy 
having my art in their homes. Its hard though. 
Its hard not getting steady work, and its hard seeing
other artist who don't have the passion or love for it
that i do succeed with traced and photo copied artwork,
When i cant make it with my 100% original artwork 
for prices much lower then others.  
It is hard, and no one said it would be easy, but it takes
money to make money but as i have no money i cant 
make much, so each day i slowly have found myself 
doubting my art, and giving up on it. I used to draw
daily. Now i draw once or twice a week and spend 
most my time panting old guitars or canvases. 
But i know that the price i'd have to charge for the
materials and the time i put into my work i could
never sell it. I feel my hopes of being a professional 
artist are nearing an end and i never ever thought
it would come to that. 

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