Thursday, 7 July 2016

Birthday Boy

On this day in 1940 
Richard Starkey was born, even though he was a sickly 
child he became one of the most famous drummers the
world has ever seen, when the beatles asked him to join
while he was working with another rock group at a Butlins
Holiday camp.
People made fun of his nose and looks, and put him down
for years because of it, and his drumming style, 
but its his looks and his drumming style that make Ringo
who he is. He has had success as a beatle and in a solo career.
He is still touring and preforming to sell out crowed today, 
and show no sign of stopping. Stepping out to front the stage,
in sequin collar jackets and sparkly t-shirts. 
And i am just going to say one thing about his looks int he 60's
at the height of beatlemania. I think that he was cute, not ugly
as some people might think. Always portrayed as the fool, if it
be in movies, of cartoons. A talented man, a beautiful man,
with a loving soul and a caring, giving heart 
Happy Birthday Ringo Star!
We Love You Ringo!

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