Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Night Lennon Met a UFO

On today's date (23rd August) in 1974 John Lennon Was
With his then girlfriend May Pang in their apartment  in 
New York City when he saw something that he would talk 
about for the rest of his life. 
It was the day John Lennon Saw a flying saucer!

Heavily drinking and taking drugs you could say he
was high on either of these substances when he 
said he saw this 'UFO' But the truth of the matter is,
others around NYC had called the police telling of 
their sighting of Lennon's alien friends. 
Maybe they came for an autograph? hahaha  
He told Uri Geller the following:
“About six months ago, I was asleep in my bed, with Yoko,
at home, in the Dakota Building. And suddenly, I wasn’t asleep.
Because there was this blazing light round the door. It was
shining through the cracks and the keyhole, like someone
was out there with searchlights, or the apartment was on fire.
That was what I thought — intruders, or fire. I leapt out of bed,
and Yoko wasn’t awake at all, she was lying there like a stone,
and I pulled open the door. There were these four people out there.
they didn’t want my f---in’ autograph. They were, like, little. 
Bug-like. Big bug eyes and little bug mouths and they were 
scuttling at me like roaches"
The little men  as said to then give Lennon a golden egg 
and Lennon gave to this to Geller.
Now i'd just like to say that the only person who recalls this 
exact Geller. Everyone else goes along with another story...
Now the story i really believe is the one he said in a new piece
and his girlfriend May Pang has backed up ever since that
day. Its that her and John were together and John was 
smoking out on their balcony, Lennon was completely Naked,
but may wasn't, and he saw the UFO in front of him,  
with its flashing lights before it went off and flew away....
What story do you believe? I believe John and May's. As its
more widely know and the information on it has changed and
altered very very little over the years so i pick that one. 
Either way. Lennon was so shocked by this and due to his 
love of such things and anything a bit crazy, he decided to 
put it on he back of his album 'Walls And Bridges'.
Its even said that John said he wanted to be taken away by 
the UFO and actually asked it to take him away. 

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