Sunday, 16 October 2016

A week on.

A week ago today it was John Lennon's 76th 
Birthday, and i celebrated it in style.
That's right i went to abbey road!!
Not only me. But a few others also turned up. 
Its the only place in the world that people get excited 
and look forward to crossing a busy road. 
The wall is covered with the millions of names of people 
that come there. People get their pens out and openly 
scribble all over the wall. And get away with it. 
Each Name has its own story, but all these names within 
a month at the most wont be there. Painted over for the 
next million fans to write on a wall touched by the Beatles.
To look at, this place is nothing special, but there is a 
feeling,  as a Beatle fan. Noisy London is no longer noisy.
All you focus on is this building, the wall, and of course the
I loved crossing, And for some reason i did get a bit of 
attention, after all i was dressed like a tribute artist. 

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