Saturday, 8 October 2016

Happy 76th Birthday

Today John Lennon would have been 76! 
Can you believe it? I mean its hard to think of him as 
any older then 40. I mean come on, its hard to even 
think of him as that, with so many reminders of beatlemania,
i'm pretty sure he will always been 24 in everyone's heads. Lol.
He had the best voice for rock and roll, and his music
will live forever. Every day millions of new people will
hear it, and fall in love with his voice as i myself have 
and countless others.
So happy birthday to the amazing, talented and 
often hugely misunderstood Beatle. 

May his spirit shine on. And may is music and words
live forever in all of our hearts.
Happy Birthday John Lennon
Peace and Love

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