Sunday, 8 January 2017

Interview with Beatles Author 

Terri Whitney

There are a lot of books out about the Beatles. Yours, 
being poetry, is different from most. Was that something 
you set out to do?
Yes, that was exactly what I had set out to do. 
I have had two passions in my life: one being the 
Beatles, and the other was writing poetry – both 
from a very young age.  I thought by combing the
 two that maybe I could write about the Beatles in
 a way that I enjoyed, and yet would also appeal to 
any age group of fans.
How would you describe your book?
 I’d say it’s a book that will spark a lot of feelings
 and memories that the Beatles themselves gave us as 
fans. It takes you on a journey through my eyes as 
a Beatles Fan growing up with them – the people 
who were there in the beginning, my own memories, 
plus all the people who are still promoting the 
Beatles’ music. It will take readers on an emotional
 journey of their own, even those who know little 
about the band. 
If any one of the Beatles (dead or alive) read your book, 
who do you think would like it the best?
I would have to say John. I think he would appreciate the 
form of writing.
How long did it take you to write this book?
 It took me about a year and a half, between the writing 
and getting the pictures. It helped to have a couple poems
 written prior to deciding to make them into a book.
Would you ever write another poetry book? 
If so, what would it be about?
Yes, I would do another. In fact, it’s already under 
serious consideration. It would be about the top 
50 musicians that have passed away before us.  
You have a poem about having a different favorite 
Beatle at different times in your life. Is John still 
your favorite now, and if yes, why?
Yes, John is still my favorite, because in a lot of 
ways he helped me with pursuing my dreams in 
writing and living what I call a life of peace. 
He was brilliant and wise beyond his time. I was
 drawn to John during my teenage years, and it 
helped me take a look at what kind of person I
 wanted to be.
How did you first get into the Beatles?
 I was nine at the time and had the childhood 
measles. They were so bad that I had to be in 
my bedroom where it was totally dark, no light
 at all. My mom’s friend came over to play 
cards with my parents, but before they started 
he asked mom if he could come in and give me 
something. I was soon to learn he was a DJ for a
 local station, and he brought me one of the demo 
vinyl Beatles record that they had just gotten two copies 
of. He gave me the album and I still remember him 
saying, “These guys aren’t here yet but they are 
coming.” He said this band will take rock’n’roll music
 to a new level. That was the first time I heard them –
 in late fall 1963 on my vinyl record player. I didn’t mind 
being sick so much after that, and I was hooked
 from that day on.
Where can people buy your book?
 You can currently purchase the book “Any Rhyme At All” 
on my website at You
 can also go to my Facebook page:
 and connect to the website as well. If you are in the Rockford,
 MI (USA) area, you can also find the book for sale 
at Kayla Rae Winery (which Paul McCartney visited 
while on tour last summer!).

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