Monday, 19 October 2015

Been to Busy!

Sorry i haven't posted in 4 days again, but i have been very busy, 
sadly on the evening of the 15th of October we had to call the vet
out to one of my horses. He was unwell and spent a couple of days
worrying myself sick about him, but now he is getting better slowly 
and i can relax more. And i need to relax more, had a lot of stress
the past few weeks.... I think i need to go to some sort of retreat somewhere
for mediation LOL. Anyways in the middle of all of this i received a
little card envelope in the mail and i had no idea who was from, 
i opened it and this is what fell out. A beatles film cell, and its of course
the very funny bathtub scene including Mr John Lennon.
I still have no idea who brought or sent me this cool gift, but if its anyone
that reads this blog, thank you very much, i really do love it. 

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