Sunday, 11 October 2015

I'll Be your Peter Pan

Away from the mega posting for John Lennon's Birthday,
i am going to dedicate this post for my little lady Celeste.
YES AGAIN! But its my blog and i want to. 
She loves Disney Movies, i do to, to be honest i never 
watched much Disney stuff, but i am watching more of it
now, just because i want to talk to my girl about it, and it
reminds me of her. One of her favorites is always Peter Pan.
She even wants me to dress as Peter and her as Wendy one
day, and i'd willingly do it, cos i'd do anything to make her
happy. But also i am thinking of a way of planning and affording
to take her on a trip to Disney Land in Paris France for her 20th
Birthday. (I hope she is still with me then) 

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