Wednesday, 21 October 2015


I am a massive BTTF fan and i love all three movies.  I mean i'm 
sure most people are BTTF fans, its such a great movie. So today
to mark the day that Marty and Doc Brown visit in the second
movie in the trilogy i wanted to make a list of things that they 
actually got RIGHT in todays world. And some random cool 

1:Wireless Video Gaming: Thats right, just think about it, 
in the scene in the 80's cafe the kids talk about how its a babies 
toy because you have to use your hand to shoot  the gun in an 
arcade game. Well now with PlayStation and Wii and Xbox you
don't even need to your controllers on some of them they just sense
your body movement.
2: Skype Video calling: That has come true to. They predicted that
they would be apart of every day life and they truly are. 
3: PayPal Instant money transfer: Again in the scene where an Old 
Marty McFly is on webcam he transfers money at the touch of a button.
So there you go, thats pretty close to pay pal isn't it?

4: The Pepsi Perfect Bottle: Been on Twitter today? On facebook? 
Then i'm sure u have seen this, they are said to be releasing the 
Pepsi Cola bottles that were used in the 2015 section of the second movie.  
5: Tablets: Anyone else noticed that the guy wanting Marty to sign 
something to do with Hill Valley preservation has a tablet for Marty to 
sign on and not a piece of paper? That is exactly how it is today. Ever been
caught by someone wanting to ask a few questions outside sainsburys or 
tesco's supermarket? They use tablets! 

Yeah Ok i haven't seen this hat for sale anywhere why not?
Ok back to the things that actually came true. 

6: Google Glass: It might not have been exactly the same but 
Marty McFly's future Son's glasses are very similar!
7: Hoverboards: Yay! The finally invented them now waiting for 
them to come out, so i can have a fit when i see how stupidly over
priced they are. 

And finally number 8: Lace up shoes: Ok so they have been announced
by Nike.. BUT i have seen something very similar, where all you do
is turn a round nob thingy and it does up the rubber laces for you!
I have actually tried these and seen them so i know they exist but 
they dont work very well. so they are kinda Semi lace up shoes LOL!

Come on i want a hoverboard!!!

Today's Date!

The earliest film of someone using pay pal and skype (kind of)

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