Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Bootleg Beatles LIVE

For all those that so badly want to see the Beatles live,
but no longer can, there is a tribute band that is better the 
the rest of them. Last Wednesday i went to a Bootleg Beatles
Concert In Bournemouth. I have watched them on youtube,
so can a pretty good idea as to what to expect. But what i 
witnessed was beyond what i could ever have expected.  
I could not take my eyes off the stage for a single second. 
The likeness to all Beatles, both in looks and in sound
was breath taking and spot on. 
Going from the very early days till the 'Let It Be' era the 
costumes and instruments were perfect. Anyone who wants
to see a tribute band, should go and check them out, you 
will love every music fun packed minute of their show. 
I wish i could go and see them again soon, but i 
think i'll have to wait till the next time they are
in Bournemouth.  
Being a Beatles mega fan and an even bigger Lennon fan
i am the first to pick wholes in beatles tribute acts.
But i cant fault them. They were spot on perfection.

(I do now own these photos, all photos are from facebook) 

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