Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Rocking DJ 

I have featured the DJ for a beatles radio show (and good friend)
Anna Frawley. But i have seen so many people talk about 
how hard or how easy it must be to be a DJ so i went to the 
effort of finding out how its done and asking Anna all about it
 When did you first start your radio show?
The first show went out in September 2011. 
It was in Polish and I had a friend with me in the 
studio who has a lifetime of experience in the music business. 
When do you make your set list for each show?
This can take a whole week or even few weeks if I've 
got more than one idea for the show. I try to post the complete
 playlist to my producer by Wednesday the latest. 
What is your activity at the station preparing for 
the show every week?
I travel by taxi as I don't want to be stressed looking for 
the parking space. 
The station is situated in the very heart of Warsaw 
where parking is hard to come. I'm usually at the station 
about 45 minutes before my show. As people start 
to gather on chat on my Facebook timeline 
I'll chat with them and with some other radio people. 
Kuba Hoff, my regular producer/engineer is in 
the studio working on the live broadcast with my 
programme's predecessor. . He sends me occasionally 
some last minute questions regarding the playlist. 
Then we check the order of playlist in person.
Would you ever do a two hour show?
Most shows at radio Wnet are 55 minutes long. 
Kuba and I extended Anna's Beatle Hour to 65 minutes. 
It's true that time is an issue as I often am forced to either fade 
some songs or get them out. I could easily do two hour show, 
but I decided it's not a good idea. I much rather my 
listeners were left wanting more than being bored or 
tired of the longer programme. 
What would your tips be for anyone 
wanting to start a radio show?
I don't have any tips as I was asked to do this show a
nd waited whole year with my decision. I was worried I'd 
not be able to do it. I've learned more during each show 
and doing it is the best tip I can offer. Passion for 
the subject helps. It's good to have a radio station 
willing to broadcast it, of course. 
Your show has a very big following now, 
has it always been that way?
I'm not sure how many people listened to 
us at first. I know my Mum and Dad did, some friends, 
my husband and quite a few people from the Beatles 
circle on Facebook. Gradually the show's popularity grew. 
I get messages from listeners from all-over the world. 
Our listening figures are constantly rising. 
You have a radio chat when your show is on, 
has anyone ever left negative comments? 
There was a trouble maker who made unwelcome 
remarks regarding other listeners 
present on chat. We got rid off 
him, he apologised and kept begging to comeback, 
but started to be rude to people again so he is no longer a
 guest at our party. He was the only one, I'm happy to say.
What other radio shows do you enjoy to listen to? 
I love Mick Francis and his Beatle Bug Radio Show. 
James D. Jones and his Magical Mystery Tour is fab and 
Andy Wilbury's Radio Show is very interesting with the wild 
variety of music.

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  1. Anna definitely has a passion for the music and it shows. "Anna's Beatle Hour" is always a bright spot in my week!