Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Can you believe it? 
I can't how is it possible that one of the greatest 
albums ever is 49 years old today! Well actually
the album isn't but the album cover is.
Today in 1967 the Beatles put on those lovely jackets
and took to the stage (or band stand) to have their 
photos taken, along with a bucket full of
cut out characters from history and funeral 
flowers. It was today in 1967 that the Beatles
went to Michael Cooper's London Photographic 
Studio where the cover photographs were taken.
The studio was based at 4 Chelsea Manor Studios
1-11 Flood Street. It had taken 8 days to put together
the album cover, before the beatles arrived.
It was designed by Peter Blake and his wife Jann
Haworth, at a cost of £625 for the hire of the studio
and three assistants and so on. And then fee's of 
over another £800 in all. 

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