Tuesday, 7 July 2015

An Interview With Estefy Lennon 

An Interview with the said to be ONLY female John Lennon Tribute artist
in the world. 

How old were you when you started combing your hair like John Lennon?
I was about 16 
When was your first concert?
My first real concert with Estefy Lennon Band was in 2010,but talking 
about my beginnings I play in front of lot of people at the age of 15,
not only beatles at that time.
What is one thing of John's that you would love to own?
Mmm,I don't know really..If I had to choose,the way he made composed 
songs.I'd love to own that.
How many concerts have you done?
Ohh,I never counted them,lol!.But since 2010 lot of shows with my band yeah.
Apart from John who is your favorite beatle? 
My second favorite beatle is George Harrison,I love his solos songs.
How many guitars do you own?
I have 7 guitars,electric and acoustic ones.
How did you get into the beatles and John Lennon?
I get into the beatles reading a magazine.When I was a child I read the 
name 'the beatles' in an interview to the boyband 'Westlife',as they were 
mentioning them like the best band ever.And so I asked my father about 
beatles,and well...it took me some time to start being a beatle fan,but 
here I am, haha.
How many TV shows have you been on?
I've been in 10 I think,I don't use to count things you see hahaha.
What is your favorite lennon album and single?

My favorite album is Imagine or Mind games...I love all the songs there.
And a single,mmm it's really difficult to choose,but let's say '(just like) 
starting over'
Where is one place you would like to play that you haven't yet?
I'll be playing with my band this year at beatleweek,Liverpool.That's my 
answer to that  

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