Monday, 6 July 2015

                  An Interview With Thomas McConnell

And on the 3rd interview we have Thomas McConnell 
(the guy that did the Paul McCartney cover song and went viral)
The Hofner strumming singer from Liverpool has joined us for 
a quick interview about what it was like for him when posted that  song cover!
How did you feel when your cover of Paul's song 'NEW' went viral?
Very exciting! I wasn't expecting it at all, so to see so many people watch it 
(and hopefully enjoy it!) was lovely.
And how did you feel when Paul Retweeted it?
It was incredible. He's the reason I'm a musician so to think that he saw it 
is mind-blowing and very flattering.
 Since then what is the best things to happen to you? 
A lot of stuff has happened that's been great. I was endorsed by Hofner 
guitars, did a tour with Glenn Tilbrook, supported Squeeze and I've been 
writing more and more so it's all been thrilling!
Where was the most fun place you have played music?
Probably the Trades Club in Hebden Bridge, one of my favourite venues.

You seem to be a big fan of the hofner guitars, what is it about those guitars 
that you love? 
 I'm not much of a guitar geek to be honest, I know how to play them but
 not much about the mechanics. I guess I like guitars that look a bit different 
and Hofner's seem to have a unique twist on classic looks. They gave me a 
Verythin which was very kind of them. It's such a cool guitar and obviously 
it's razor thin!
You have also done photos shoots for beat wear, how was that? 
Very cool! It was fun to dress up all day...
What is something you would like to do with your music you haven't done yet? 
I'd like to explore any genre I can and want to create crazier, more unique 
sounds. I've done a new track, "Balloons" which I think of as more of a pop-suite 
or piece than a song. It's made up of abstract sections rather than the 
verse/chorus pop song format. I'd like to continue working in that way to 
see what I can conjure up...
What are your 5 favorite beatles songs? 

Way too hard haha but ones I'd pick with specific sentimental value would be...
Martha My Dear
Hello Goodbye
I'll Get You
The Night Before
Fixing A Hole
11: what would you like to do for a job if you couldn't sing or play?

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