Saturday, 18 July 2015

John Lennon's Lucky Coin Necklace

This photo is a replica necklace i own and its near enough
an exact replica of the one john wore. 

He is seen here in this photo with Yoko Ono Wearing
The coin necklace.

And again here....... different hair style but same
necklace. OR IS IT! As you see this one is made of 
two different color red beads. Where in some other photos
the include black and white beads, and it differs depending
on the day the photo was taken. What makes me think that 
he owns two of these necklaces. And its not just a repair job..
Just like his talisman necklace, where in some photos it shows
it having white eyelets and some have a antique bronze 
looking eyelets! So did John own two of each of these items?

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