Monday, 9 November 2015

A Beatle Fan Interview with Diego

Today with have an interview with  Beatle fan Diego Pratesi from Italy! 
 How did you get into the Beatles?
Since I was a kid I loved rock and a friend of mine one day said:
Listen... the song was Please Please Me and it was for me as I discovered 
the music in that moment I started to love them immediately and 
If you could work with one Beatle who would it be?
PAULLLLLLL and I got the honor to do it
If you could listen to one beatles album what one would you pick?
Out of Lennon and McCartney who in your opinion would you say is the 
better song writer?
PAUL for me was THE BEATLES!
 What is something to do with the Beatles or a Beatle that you own that 
that you would never part with?
Their autographs and of course their albums and so on.
Who's artwork was better, johns illustrations or Paul's paintings? 
If you could buy one Beatles item, what would you pick?
PAUL's guitar!
How would you describe the Beatles to anyone who didn't know 
about them?
If you don't know them you don't know music and they are 
the music! 
Have you ever met any Beatles if so who?
What is your favorite Beatles memory?
First time I met PAUL!