Friday, 27 November 2015


I heard about this movie, and couldn't find it on 
youtube or anywhere to watch it... I asked around
on facebook, and was told by several people it isn't
a good movie and that it isn't true to life, and so on. 
But i wanted to see it so i went to amazon and brought
a copy of it. And i was actually really surprised.
I really liked it.  
Lennon Naked is a TV film from 2010 that stars 
Christopher Eccleston (who used to play Dr Who) 
And it is based around John Lennon's life between 
1967 and 1971.  It starts at the height of Beatlemania
in 1964 where Lennon meets his farther that left him 
as a son and he hasn't seen since. And safe to say it doesn't
go to good. Then it jumps quickly to 1967 and a press 
conference about their movie Magical Mystery Tour.   
The movie continues to see Lennon's marriage break down and 
the meeting of his soon to be lover, Yoko Ono. It goes on to 
show the relationship between the two artist getting more intense,
Yoko losing their child, and the couple being busted for having 
drugs in their home. And the movie ends where the couple leave
England for good and move to america. All in All its a very good
movie. Yeah there are quite a few factual errors, BUT its a movie, 
and its a movie for beatles fan. All of these kind of movies have 
errors, so there is nothing new there. But i would suggest giving 
it a watch, you might like it, you might not? But seriously 
just give it a try, you might like it. 

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