Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Beatles Record Table

Ok so this table i made myself, i painted it and designed it. 
And it cost me £4 to do in all! And i am now going to tell 
you all how i made this one of a kind Beatles Table. 
So where i keep my horses there is a massive heap of old 
unwanted wood and furniture and every month or so its 
going to be set on fire and burnt. I found an old key over there 
a few months ago and made a necklace charm out of it. But 
this time i saw something that was a lot better. 
It was an old side table that was in really good condition, 
just a little wet and muddy. So i took it home to save it from
being burnt and turned to ashes. painted the table tops to look like 
records and it took no time at all and i wrote in the titles and info
on each record just like the real ones.  And to my knowledge there
is no other table the same as this! And i am going to be taking it 
straight to my room to put some beatles framed photos and other
beatles stuff on it. 

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