Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Arty Beatles 

All the beatles in one way or another have gone down the road 
of art and painting. Today we will be focusing on all the beatles 
apart from George, even though him and his then wife Pattie Boyd 
painting the outside of the house in psychedelic scribbles.
So as well sharing some of their art i am also going to share
an interview i did with Anna Frawley on this very subject.
Whos' art do you think best shows their personality? Lennon, 
McCartney or Starr?
In a way all of them show their personality. John's art however is by 
far the most original and I think his drawings reflect his complicated 
persona in the most obvious way.
If you could buy one of their art prints who would it be and why?
I'd buy John's print as they are so much the part of the Beatles history and 
John is the dearest to me.
Would you buy a book on just the artwork of the beatles and do you 
think it should be published?
Of course I'll buy it. Yes, it should be published and no doubt it 
would be.
I saw an article on ringo's art and someone said it was rubbish 
and terrible, i personally think its very fun, but how would you  
describe it? 
Not my cup of tea.
If you could have one beatle draw a portrait of you who would 
it be and why?
John would make a caricature, but his  style appeals to me. I don't really
 relate to the abstract paintings, like Paul's, but he is quite interesting 
at times. I'd not ask Ringo.

If you could ask each of the beatles one question each about 
their art what would it be?
I can understand why John did his satirical drawings and I can 
see why the mega creative man like Paul would want to express 
himself on canvass, but Ringo I'll ask why?  If John was here today 
I'll ask him what does he think about his widow colouring his drawings. 
With Paul I'll ask him the obvious what drives him and what makes 
him happy as far as his art is concern

Do you prefer johns b&w sketches of the colored prints?
John didn't like colour in his drawings according to those who knew 
him well. His black & white drawings are by far better.
John smashed a photo he gave paul during an argument in 1969, 
it was ripped up and a cleaner put it in the bin without asking 
paul (or so i heard in a magazine) what would you do if you looked in a
 bin and saw abit of his artwork?
I'll save every scrap of it and try to put it together.

What do you think each of the beatles got out of making their art 
work personally?
for John it was an extension of his persona and kind of absolute 
necessity.  He did it all his life, in every little message or letter. 
Paul is much more of a dedicated, hard working artist and he went 
for those big canvases. He wants to show how great he is in as many
 fields as he can master. As for Ringo, it could be boredom between 
tours or the possibility of extra income? Maybe he also has a need to 
prove something or maybe it's a case of delusion of grandeur ?

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