Saturday, 14 November 2015

Peace for Paris!

The City of Love has turned into the City of sadness over night.
Love and Peace is blown completely out the water lately, 
in a time where that seems so fare away maybe its the only thing
that would stop these terrible events all over the world. I am not 
not just talking about Paris but attacks like this are getting more 
common and its not right by any stretch of the imagination. 
I refuse to see this as an act about religion, politics or race.
All these kind of attacks are just mad bloodthirsty people killing for
the sake of it. As all wars are in one way or another. 
If as many people wanted peace as they do a new mobile phone or
a new flat screen TV then i'm sure we would have peace by now. 
How many more events like this do we have to see splashed over
the internet and every newspaper in the world before we really 
do GIVE PEACE A CHANCE. People say it would never work,
well maybe it wouldn't be no one has fully given it a chance. 
So flower power didn't work, neither did protest or anything 
like that. Surely the world can COME TOGETHER and think
of a way we can all just GIVE PEACE A CHANCE and live together
PEACEFULLY without this kind of event becoming a normal everyday 
thing! Remember Spread PEACE AND LOVE from one side of the 
world to another.

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