Friday, 4 December 2015

A Beatles Fan Interview With Sally

Today we have beatles fan and artist Sally Ronchetti.
Who is your favorite beatles?
Thank you Jay for asking me to do this I am very honoured.  
My favorite Beatle would most certainly be George?  He to me is 
the great thinker, quiet and only came forward when he had 
something worthwhile and important to say and I think he was the 
most spiritual as well.
To you what is the best beatles look?
A wink in my direction from George would have been a great look! 
 No seriously I liked their leather clad early days but it was ingenious 
of Brian to put them into suits it made them stand out from the crowd.
What are your three favorite albums?
1. Revolver:  It was ahead of its time and sent the music world 
reeling.  I think it was the start of creating new sounds  by dubbing 
and looping and playing music backwards. 
2. Rubber Soul: Should be joint number 1 favorite really. Some 
amazing songs on there that showed how they had matured as a 
group.  I love it.
3. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band:   Just summed up 
the 60's with its kaleidoscope of colour and sound.  Its like 
a work of art.  If only the kids of today listened to this more, 
its the Grandfather of all today's music.
If you could own one beatle album what would that be? 
Rubber Soul.
How did you get into the beatles?
I grew up with them when I was little, Ringo was my 
favourite because I loved his name and his humour.  During 
the 70's I was a victim of the teeny bopper charts but I returned 
to the Beatles again when I realised what good music really was. 
Who was the better song writer, lennon or mccartney?
Two great songwriters each unique in his own way but together 
they were explosive, they thrived on jealousy and competition 
with each other and produced amazing work.  So I cant really 
decide, who knows what great songs John would have created had 
he lived, we can only judge him on what was.
What is the best beatle book you have ever read?
Did you know there are over eighty nine thousand books registered in 
The British library that mention the Beatles in one way or another, 
every year more and more are coming out.  I have only read a grain 
of sands amount compared to those available and I've not read all 
I've bought, they are on my 'to be read list' but the the favourite
 of the ones I have read Magical Mystery Tours by my friend 
Tony Bramwell, its easily readable and good fun.
What is the best beatle movie you have ever watched?
A Hard Days Night. - I love it.  Beatlemania at its height, George 
meeting Pattie, and portrayal of the old peoples confusion and 
incomprehension of the invading music phenomenon that was 
the Beatles at that time.
If you had the chance to buy some beatle art, what beatle's
 art would you buy?
I wouldn't, I'd be selling mine ha ha!  An original John Lennon 
or Stuart Sutcliffe would be great to own though.

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