Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Beatles Christmas Songs!

"Ho! Good King Wencelas looked out
On the feast of Stephen, ho!
As the slow ray round-around
Deep and crisp and crispy
Brightly show the boot last night
On the mossty cruel
Henry Hall and David Lloyd
Betty Grable too"

"Garry crimble to you
Garry mimble to you
Getty bable, dear Christmas
Happy birthday me too"
"Ja, das wird uns danke schon
Und denn gruss von even
Ja, denn gruss von even schon
Ja, das wird wunderschon, boy
Danke schon"

"Well, good King Wenceslas looked out (Oh ho!)
On the feast of Stephen (Hey!)
When the snow was on the ground (Yeah!)
Deep and crisp and even (Oh yeah!)
"Brightly was the schon at night
Though the winter cruel
When a pork pie came inside
Gathering winter cruel"
"Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer (Ho!)
Had a very shiny nose (A shiny nose!)
When everybody picked it
Ha ha ha ha
Oh yeah! Oh!
Rudolph, the red nosed Ringo (Rudolph!)
Had a very shiny nose"

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