Wednesday, 2 December 2015

A Message to the trolls!

This blog has always been great fun for me, and i 
am not going to let anyone ruin that for me. 
I have been getting messages telling me that there are 
complaints about my posts from people who are nameless
and have decided to take out some sort of hate for 
me or my blog from behind a computer screen. 
If you do have a problem with my blog then contact me, 
message me, or say it to my face. Same goes for if you have a 
problem for me personally. The people that do this obviously 
are lacking any kind of personal life with any kind of manners 
or guts. But as Mr Lennon says "Instant karma's ganna get you"
If people think doing this will stop me being interested in 
posting they are wrong and if they think it will stop me
being active on here they are also wrong. 
If i have had posted anything on my blog that has offended 
anyone then i am sorry for that, BUT i do not believe that i 
have, as all i share is art, beatles and Peace!
So lets forget about the idiots who think they can effect 
your life hidden behind their laptops and smart phones. 
So everyone of you that is supportive please come with
me and help me spread PEACE AND LOVE to everyone, 
lets be the bigger people, lets be the smarter and more
genuine people, and not spread nasty words but share 

Thank you all for your continued views and support.

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