Tuesday, 11 August 2015

An Interview with Beatles Fan Anthony

Anthony is a beatles fan and drummer from New York
And goes by the name of Anthony RINGO on his facebook
Who is your favorite beatle?
Well I really don't have a Favt.
Was Ringo your inspiration to start playing drums?
Ringo was my inspiration cause he was a basic drummer not 
a show off.
What is Your favorite solo beatle album?
 My favt Beatles solo albums would b John's plastic Ono and 
Imagine Album.
 After the comment from The zombie that is Kieth 
Richards about  the sgt pepper's album, what 
are your views on that album?
 As for the Comment made by Keith I just think it's his old 
age getting to him you know? 
John and Paul wrote them their number 1 I want to b yr man so he 
should remember that fact. Also it's 
his option  you know? maybe he did it cause of the Stones fans 
I really can't say.
If you could meet a beatle who would it be?
As for Ringo being my inspiration as a drummer he always was. 
Like I said before he was a basic 
back beat drummer. Never really showed off . He had his own style of 
playing like I do.
Have you ever seen any beatles live in concert?
I've met Ringo few yr's ago when he released his All Starr Band 

If you were to try and get a none beatles fan to listen to the 
band for the first time how 
would u describe the beatles to them?
As  for trying to get a new Beatles fan to listen to the music well it's 
really up to them
If they like the music than ok if not no big deal
how many beatles albums do you own?
I own a few beatles albums.
Who are the best beatles tribute band?
As for the best tribute bands, i really dont have any cause to me 
they are all talented but same ol formula you know?
Some of these tribute artist talk like the lads off stage as well as on
its like they loose themselves in who they are portraying.

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