Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Come Together 

come together 

is a song written by Lennon and McCartney 
it was recorded over a few days, 21st - 23rd of July
then the 25th 19th and 30th! And was  released on 26th September 
of the same year in the uk and 1st October 1969.  The song went 
on to be on  Beatles albums: Abbey road, Anthology 3, 1 and
Love. The song was mostly a Lennon song, and i think 
any beatles fan can hear that? It written for
pro-drugs activist Timothy Leary. It was written for his Campaign
 to stand against Ronald Reagan as governor of California. 
Both Timothy and his wife Rosemary went to Montreal for John 
and Yoko's bed in for peace, in June 1969 and were mentioned 
in the lyrics.  When the campaign ended and filed due to imprisonment 
for cannabis possession, John recorded the  song with the Beatles. 
John was even later sued over the song by Chuck Berry's Publisher Morris 
Levy, as the song took its cue very blatantly from 'you cant catch me' 
(a chuck berry song from 1956)
It even contains lyrics from Berry's own song. 

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