Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Kinfauns (Surrey)

The Psychedelic Bungalow home George Harrison Shared with
his then wife Pattie Boyd. 

George Harrison brought Kinfauns for £20,000 in July of 1964 
on theadvice of the Bealtes accountant Dr Walter Strach. He 
lived in the house until 1970. Many of the demos for the white 
album were recorded and made here. 

During 1967 Geroge and Pattie Both painted the outside
of the house in psychedelic hippy patterns. And a mural was 
painted on the inside around the fireplace, that was painted by 
the collective designers and painter of THE FOOL, who also painted 
the apple building a few Beatles instruments and George's 
Mini. (car)

Sadly this home is not longer there, and has long been demolished.
A new house was built on top of it, and i cant help but wonder if the
owners of the new house know they are living on the site where history
was made and the White album was conceived!

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