Saturday, 29 August 2015

 Scarecrow Crazy!

At the moment just outside the lovely town of Ringwood
in the south of England In the beautiful village of 
Bisterne Scarecrow Festival! Its been going for years and
years. And for the past 7 years i have been visiting it!
I have taken some photos of this years entries that i saw on
Friday 28th Aug!
Ok So first we have this massive minion masterpiece! 
Maybe even a little be like the Sgt Pepper album
cover? Or is that just me that see's that? 

Crowella De Vil! I can actually see a lot more
detail in this scare crow then i saw on the day 
thanks to the photos i took! That goes for most of

Shrek! and donkey! Again like this one i never saw
the donkey on the day!! Lol 

More minions, This time made with hay!

I read somewhere that this years theme was celebrity?
I might be wrong, but i think it was, Well how are these
scarecrows dancing round a maypole anything to do with

Darts scarecrow, throwing the worlds thickest darts! lol 

The last 5 photos are all from the same house! They
had so many scarecrows that they take up 5 photos!
It seems when im outside this house taking photos i'm
never ever alone, there are always people taking photos
of this set of scarecrows, more then any others!

A more traditional scarecrow!

The Biggest Scarecrow of the show! 
But its yet another minion! Seriously? 

Hey bales pretending to be scarecrows now wooden 
trains? Well either way im not going to judge what
they are built of, as long as they are nice! 
Hey that scarecrow reminds me of a guy who was 
also taking photos when i was! haha

Awh how sweet... 

He reminds me of someone? 

An interactive scarecrow? Thats a first!

Now we have a minion made of tiers!
Minions are everywhere!!

This really isn't a scarecrow at all but i really love it!
I might even turn it into a illustration one day? 
Who knows? 

Cilla Black Scarecrow? a couple of years ago these people
made an Amy Winehouse one? Is there a pattern emerging? 

Another Minion! What????!!! Come on now!! 

Really traditional scarecrows! Love them!

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