Monday, 3 August 2015

First post back

I haven't posted in nearly a week (well 6 days) for a reason, 
I haven't just forgotten, but i have been pretty busy and when 
i find someone to post on here its a bit late for me to be bothered.
And On Saturday it was my 18th Birthday.  And i'd just like to say 
for the record (unlike a lot of people) I did not 'drink' or go to the 
pub on my birthday. I have never even had a glass of alcohol ever,
and that isn't going to change now I'm 18.  
Now i have stated that FOR NO REASON AT ALL!  I can show you 
all these two lovely items i got from a carboot sale here in England 
on Sunday. One is John Lennon's rock and roll album, and the other is 
a canvas of, (as you see) the beatles.
The record was £4 and the canvas was only £1!!
I got a lot of other records too, some Paul McCartney books, 
a New Hugo Boss Polo Shirt, and a head collar for my horse romeo. 

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