Thursday, 28 January 2016

A Beatles Fan Interview With Donovan Day 

Donovan Day is a Beatles fan and author of his new book
'GET BACK'.  I'm not going to give away the story line, 
but it is a great book, including time travel, girls, guitars 
and much more. But seriously I would suggest you give it a 
read. So after reading his book I asked him a few questions.
When did you start writing your book?
A couple of years ago. I had a dream that I was jamming with 
The Beatles and they knew I was from the future. They had 
lots of questions for me but then John asked, "What happens to 
me?" I couldn't answer and he kept asking and asking, shaking 
me. That's when I woke up but it was so vivid, I used
 that dream (No. 9?) as the basis for the book. 
 John Lennon is of course the main Beatle in your book, 
but is he your favourite?
I'd have to say it's a tie between John and Paul. They were 
so perfect for each other. Looking back, I think I favor more 
of John's songs, but only because Paul was so melodic that
 some of his songs have been overplayed. 
Would you ever write a follow-up story to this one? 
I don't think so, but never say never, right? 

How much of a Beatles fan actually are you?

Huge. I've read about them extensively and also listened 
to all their songs since I was young. But I've never been 
to Liverpool like a lot of fans. Maybe someday! 
Would you hope Paul or Ringo would read this book, 
and do you think they would enjoy it?
I would love for them to read it. Would they enjoy it? 
Tough for me to say. They might be tired of the endless 
Beatles books, although this one is fiction so maybe...
I think Paul would like it! 
Lennon had mentioned he would have liked to have 
been picked up by a UFO, so do you 
think if he had access to a time machine he would use it?
Absolutely!!! He'd use it in a sec. I think anyone would. 
Certainly, he'd want to spend more time with his mother 
and maybe, just maybe, prevent her death. She was killed
 in a traffic accident as I recall.  
Would you like to see your book turned into a film?
Yes!! I would love that and I think it would make a 
very cool movie. Thanks for asking! 

the book is for sale on Amazon at the following link!

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