Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Famous Drop Outs!

This post might seem very very random but i was reading up 
on this the other day and just thought i'd share it. 
Who ever knew icons like David Bowie and Ringo Starr were
School drop outs. That's right everybody on this list was a 
school drop out!
Marilyn Monroe 
Married her boyfriend and dropped out of high school 
at the age of 16
Arnold Schwarzenegger 
dropped out of high school to become a body builder 
and is now the governor of California..... and he never finished
high school! 
Jude Law 
dropped out of high school to become an actor.
Frank Sinatra and David Bowie
were also school drop outs! 
Marlon Brando 
Dropped out of high school and moved to New York 
Jim Carrey 
was a top class student in school but he dropped out also 
to help his family pay the bills and got a job.
Before becoming a house hold name WORLD WIDE!
Walt Disney and Clark Gable  
both dropped out of high school at the age of 16
And i think that they both made pretty good names for
themselves didn't they.
Prince and Kurt Cobain
These two rock star performers never finished high school
either... but Im not sure that Prince would have fitted in
well in school anyways? 
Pierce Brosnan 
Thats right JAMES BOND didn't finish high school!
Can you believe it, and look how famous he is, and dont 
forget Mama Mia the musical!
Michael J. Fox and  John Travolta 
Were two more actors that dropped out. And come on
they are massive stars... who hasn't watched Back to the Future
and who hasn't seen Grease!
Ozzy Osbourne  and Ray Charles 
were never fans of  school so they also dropped out!
Steven Tyler, Boy George and Cher
Are three more artist who all never finished school!
Can you believe it? And even Beatles didn't finish school!
George Harrison and Ringo Starr
Thats right they didn't finish school and Ringo dropped out
at 15! And they were half of the biggest greatest band ever!
Tom Cruise 
dropped out of high school to pursue an  acting career in 
New York. 
Robert Downey Jr.
Is another Celeb that dropped out of school and made his 
move to New York to try and make it as an actor....
ever heard of him? lol
Simon Cowell and Billy Joel 
dropped out of high school to pursue their dreams,
and now Billy Joel is known world wide and Simon
Cowell has been called KING OF SATURDAY NIGHT TV!
Al Pacino 
didn't recieve good grades in high school and 
he dropped out to follow his dreams of being an actor.
Princess Diana 
wasn't a good student and she dropped out of high school 
at age 16. And she was the Princess of England!
Robert De Niro, Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage 
and Whoopi Goldberg 
Are four Amazingly talented actors... and none of
them finished school!
And finally talent singer and drummer Phil Collins 
dropped out of high school at 17!
Now i'd just like to state i am not in anyway saying that 
their fame is linked to dropping out of school, 
and i'm not telling anyone to drop out of school.
I just wanted to post this to show you that if you are worried
about getting good grades, if you get bullied for not 
being as smart as your friends, just know it doesn't really
matter if what grades you get AS LONG as you have a dream!
School is a very small part of your life, your future and your 
happiness means a lot more. So follow you heart, Follow your 
dreams. And hopefully one day you will be in the magazine 
and living the life of your dreams!

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