Saturday, 23 January 2016

It is Beatle related... Really!

What is beatlemania without Beatle FANS? Its just 
great music, But like the screaming girls or not,
they were a massive part of the concerts, often meaning 
you went to their concerts and heard them a lot
more then any of the fab four on stage. But these days
the screaming fan girls might have grown up had 
families of their own and found a way to control 
their screams when they see a rock star....
But there are still fans there of course. 
And i am very very very lucky to have a girlfriend 
who is a BEATLEMANIAC! She is great. She loves
the beatles, and John is her favorite. 
Not only is she mine and not only is she a beatle fan
but she really caring and beautiful to. 
Its hard to get away from the fact she loves the 
same band i do. If its her t-shirts she wears or 
the video calls between us both, seeing her in her
room covered in beatles posters...It's just great. 
And i wanted to make this totally random blog 
to show her how much she means to me and how 
i think she the most perfect girl ever put on this 
earth! I hope she never ever doubts how i feel 
about her. She has been there for me for 2 and 
a half years (or there abouts) and she helped 
me so much last year in what was the most hardest
and terrible year of my life. So thank you Celeste,
Thank you for being YOU!

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