Monday, 25 January 2016

Art is coming to an END!

Let's be honest, who doesn't have some art in their
home? Everyone owns a canvas or a framed bit of 
art. But how many of you know the artist who designed it?
I bet most of you couldn't answer..... and I would bet that you
bought them from a store and they are mass produced! It is 
thanks to mass produced art being so cheap that real artists have 
to try harder and harder to make a living. Who 
will pay a caricature artist £15 for a caricature of 
their favorite celeb, drawn just for them, when they
can go on ebay and buy a print of a caricature of that same
person for half the price? The reason these places 
sell these things so cheap is because they take no 
time to produce:press a button and print them 
out en masse. Whereas a real artist would have to factor in
the cost of the pens/paint that it takes to make the art. It's the sad 
truth that slowly original art is dying.

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