Monday, 4 January 2016

A Beatles Fan Interview with Lucy

Its been a while since we have done one of these 
interviews so we are starting with a young beatle fan
from Essex!
How long have you been a beatles fan?
2 years
How many beatles albums do you have?
All of them on record/vinyl and about 5 on CDs.
How did you get into the beatles music?
I got into The Beatles by my mum and Grandad as they've 
been big fans for years now.
Who is your favorite beatle?
First of it was Paul McCartney but ever since I saw 
Help! it changed to John Lennon. I just think he is
 amazing and an absolute legend.  
If you could spend a with a beatle who would it 
be and what would you do?
I would of loved to spend time with John Lennon if 
he was here today. We would sing together and 
maybe record some few songs.     
What is your favorite beatles item you own?
My favourite Beatles item that I own is my pictured 
Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band vinyl 
that is framed.   
 How would you describe the beatles in three words? 
The Beatles are talented, amazing and brilliant.    
If you could say something to your favorite beatle what 
would it be?
I would say to John Lennon. Thank you for making great 
music and trying to change the world for the better.
What is your favorite beatles movie?
My favourite Beatles movie is Hard Day's Night because it tells 
us what they would of been doing each day within the band.

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