Monday, 14 September 2015

A Discussion On Dali

With Dali Fan Anna Frawley.

posters by jay kelly, paintings by salvador dali. i dont own them
or the rights to them, i am just a big fan of his artwork and wanted
to share them (photos found on google) 

The Face of War
I will be sharing my views on these art pieces and so will Anna 
Frawley. And first she joins me to discuss this amazing painting. 
I personally think it shows the tortured spirits of those who fight at 
war, and it shows the metal and psychological effects war can have on 
someone as well as the the other effects and risks like dying....
show in the skulls. The snakes appear to be two different sides ready to 
fight each other and in a battle.
Well said, Jay. The endlessly repeating death and decay. The miserable 
face of the corpse sees only death. Death is reflected in the eyes are the 
corps. Brilliant take on the horror of war.
and in the corner the hand print.... do if you look carefully it looks like 
bodies are laying in graves? do you think that could be the case?
It looks like buried bodies?
yes but as you see it is a hand print and i think that kind of details are 
wonderful in his art... maybe he is saying that they died at the HANDS 
of war.
YES! This is what he said himself about it: "I was entering a period 
of rigor and asceticism which was going to dominate my style, my 
thoughts, and my tormented life. Spain on fire would light up 
this drama of the renaissance of aesthetics. Spain would serve as a 
holocaust to that post-war Europe tortured by ideological dramas, by 
moral and artistic anxieties - at one fell swoop, from the middle of the 
Spanish cadaver springs up. Half devoured by vermin and ideological 
worms, the Iberian penis in erection, huge like a cathedral filled with the 
white dynamite of hatred. Bury and unbury! Disinter and inter in order 
to unbury again! Such was the charnel desire of the Civil War in that 
impatient Spain. One would see how she was capable of suffering, of 
making others suffer, of burying and unburying, of killing and resurrecting. 
It was necessary to scratch the earth to exhume tradition and to profane 
everything in order to be dazzled anew by all the treasures that the land 
was hiding in its entrails."

Lobster Telephone 
This time not a painting. but still very interesting.
A classic example of a Surrealist object. I believe Dali thought  that
 such objects could reveal the secret desires of the unconscious. Lobsters 
and telephones had strong sexual connotations for  him.
i personally love art like this,  it must have taken minutes to create, 
but the color of the lobster and the black of the telephone really is again in 
my eye his great use or light and dark don't you think?
It's striking, very symbolic, surrealistic and beautiful. I agree with you on 
the colour combination.

Christ of Saint John of the Cross
I personally think that the whole Jesus story is depicted in it? would you 
Yes, it was done by Saint John of the Cross himself after he had seen this 
vision of Christ and Dali had a dream of it. It is  Christ.I mean Dali 
based it on St. John's own drawing.
yes, it as if the fact that he has put christ and the cross looking down, 
its as if to say christ is always watching and also maybe it shows him 
looking down over his bed as it came to him in a dream?
It's magnificent!
it beautiful, i love how he appears to be coming out of the darkness and shining 
light down upon the would under him?
I love the texture Dali puts into his paintings. Here is so well done! Great painting.
Looking down it's a wonderful way to paint in this case.
he has a beautiful use of lightness and darkness in this painting, just the show 
alone on the cross as as much attention to detail as the rest of the painting.

Apparition of Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach
this one is one of his great artworks,i just love it when he hides faces in 
other everyday things.
Again very much rooted in the Surrealistic feel. I'm not sure what the 
meaning of this multi image painting, but it's beautiful.
i think all of these painting he did lie this are all saying and showing 
that nothing is exactly what it seems and maybe the fact that people keep 
a lot of stuff hidden from each other?
Maybe you're right.
The Great Masturbator
Now to me this is the imagination of a male.
He seems to bare some of his inner thoughts, fears, personal anxieties and  
obsessions. The great masturbator. He liked this subject and he liked 
to shock, I've read his autobiography.
The hints to female body parts hidden in the painting, along with 
the two couples in each others arms.... along with the though of the woman 
appearing to be longing after the male body, seems to be the main focus. 
but i think the man walking alone in the corner is that actual main character.... 
maybe this is  all the mans own imagination of how life could have been?

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