Monday, 21 September 2015

Interview with Beatles Fan Celeste 

Celeste is a Beatle maniac from North Carolina. She is also 
a drummer and plays piano. Oh and did i mention i'm dating her?
So Celeste who is your favorite Beatle and why?
Well John and because I just think he is the most amazing beatle and 
most inspirational one.
What made john stand out to you from the other three?
Well I think he's amazing and I just prefer him most.
What is your favorite beatle album and favorite beatles song at 
the moment?
Well my favorite is the white album and my favorite at the moment, it's 
kind of hard to choose because they are all wonderful songs.

If you could own one beatle item that the boys owned what would 
you have?
Hard question but I'd probably pick ringo's drum set just because it 
would be amazing to have and use once in awhile (since I wouldn't want 
to break it or anything)
If you you play drums and piano, so if you could go on tour with one 
alive who would it be and why?
well both but if I have to choose one I might choose Ringo but I don't 
know, not as big of a crowd I guess.
out of the two passed beatles who would you gig with and out of all four 
beatles who would you pick?
John Obviously and John of course. 
If you could marry one beatle, kiss another,hug another and spend a 
day with another. who would they be?
Marry John , kiss Paul but on the cheek or something lol 
I'd probably hug George and spend the day with Ringo. 
Although if I could choose all of those as John I would.
For people who didn't know who the beatles were how would u turn 
them on to the fabs? 
Well I'd try playing some of their music for them and seeing if 
they liked it and if they liked it, I'd try to get them a CD and if they kept 
on liking them, I'd expect them to get into the fandom and we'd talk 
about them. 
So if John is your favorite when did he look the best to you our of all of 
his years in your eyes?
well I think all the years.
If you could spend a day with john where would u want to go with him?
Liverpool probably
if you could go on holiday in Liverpool what would be 5 things you would 
hope to do? 
I see Beatles places and stuff like that.I can't exactly name 
five things.

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