Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Lennon Lived? 

Ok so sorry for the miss leading heading. But last night i finally
got a chance to watch this film by Peter McNamee. Its called
Let him be, and its the story of a guy and his girlfriend who go 
in search for a 65 year old John Lennon in Canada. The story 
Stars where this guy finds a tape of a guy looking like john lennon
playing guitar, and goes on a wild goose chase in a small town,
with god knows how many different video and audio gadgets.
When he gets to the town he just so happens to find out everyone
(near enough) knows who he really is and is hiding his identity.
In the end of the story Lennon takes off with this guys girlfriend 
and that's where it ends, without actually telling you if or if not
he is Lennon.  But with a very big hint that he has scars on his 
back where he got shot in 1980! 
Anyway, it got me thinking, what if this was real? What if this really
did happen? I'd just like to state that i know this didn't happen and 
that sadly Lennon is dead, but still, it gets you thinking. So i asked a
few beatles fan whats they thought about it, not the movie, but the
actual thought that he might still be alive. I asked 20 people.... 
Out of those 20, a large amount seemed to be angered and annoyed
that i had even mentioned such a thing. What i really Don't understand,
surely any Lennon fan would love to hear he is still here!
Others thought John would never fake his own death and keep out of 
the public eye, (even though he managed to do that very thing, keeping
out of the public eye in the mid to late 70's) And only a very small
number or people i talked to said they would be happy and would
love it to be true. This shocked me as i thought everyone would 
be happy by the idea of Lennon Back from the dead! (so to speak) 
But it seems not everyone agree's with me. Either way, dead or alive
the Lennon name and the music he made will live on forever! 

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