Friday, 25 September 2015

Salvador Dali And John Lennon

Only two known meetings were ever recorded between
Dali and Lennon. One in Paris on 24th of March 1969
while Lennon was on his honeymoon with Yoko. 
Another was when Dali Visited Lennon in his New York
apartment, however there are no photos of this meeting
that i can find on the internet.  

He appeared to own a few Lennon items, i even found
out on one website that claims Dali Own posters, 
coat hangers, framed photos and even a bronze sculptures 
of a mop top lennon. However i am unable to find the 
photos to prove all of these. But it does seem believable. 

Lennon with a Dali Sculpture. And can i say he really does
look like he is thrilled to own it. (Just being sarcastic) 
And below is the photo of Lennon, Dali and Yoko in Paris 
on their honeymoon. 

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