Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Out There and Still Rocking. 

I recently saw a blog and it was on Paul McCartney's 'never ending'
Out there tour! It went on to say some very nasty comment about 
Paul and the tour.  
It even had a list titled 'Reasons Why Paul Should Give up'
Some of the reasons it listed was, His age, his singing voice, 
and a number of other things.  
I really think this is beyond stupid. It actually angered me, 
So i wanted to come here and just give my opinion on Paul still 
touring around the world. 
Paul Hasn't stopped since the days in hamburg. And his our there
tour in my eyes in the most successful venture since Beatles.
He comes out night after night touring for all his fans, sold out 
shows, and he give it his all, and he still is rocking and rolling. 
Even when he is taken away from his fans due to illness he still
makes sure that they get to see him! 
People keep bringing up his voice isn't like it was when he was
23! And that is stupid. He is now in his 70's and his voice isn't
going to be like it was when he was 23. But come on its pretty much
still the same. Even though over time i think his voice is more of 
a rock and roll singer then a mop top, i still think he is great. 
You get stupid people on talent shows (The X factor) And they
sing for a few weeks on live shows and they lose their voice. 
Paul comes out show after show and puts on a none stop action
So before some idiots start running Sir Paul Down, 
maybe they should compare him to some of todays bands,
and so called artists. They use auto tunes, cant write songs, 
cant play any instruments and cant sign live. Paul Does all these
things and very well and on top of this puts on a great show!
I cant imagine a world where Paul is told to stop touring by 
stupid nobodies, and rappers who lip sync to auto tuned
noise, and pop stars that twerk have sell out shows? 
Well it appears that is whats happening to the world!
Paul, John, Ringo & George are FOREVER they were not 
and never will be some fad pop craze. And i'm sure that
i am not the only person who will think this..... 
If Paul is still touring when he is 90 he will still be better then
any of today's nonsense music 'stars' are or ever will be.
Long Live Liverpool 
Keep Paul OUT THERE!

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