Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Lennon On Heroin

Lennon's Addiction to the drug was said to have reached it worst 
during the Let It Be Sessions. He had very little to do with the 
band creatively, and if you can go to YouTube there are videos 
of Lennon at this time, and he is clearly 'unwell' looking tired
and sick. I am not saying all the let it be documented photos and 
videos are him in this way, but there are a few photos and videos 
where you can see some sort of drug or another is at work on the
long haired, fur coated Beatle. He put his use of the drug (apparently)
down to how other people in the Beatles and the whole APPLE circle
was treating Yoko at the time. But if this was the real reason no one
would ever know. Even though LSD was a big part of the Beatles 
and the drug movement related to them, i feel that John's use to heroin
is just as important, after all if he hadn't have taken it, we would 
never have got the great Lennon song 'Cold Turkey'! 
John Lennon went on in 1970 to describe his time in the late 60's
on this drug like this:
"Heroin. It just was not too much fun. I never injected it or anything.
We sniffed a little when we were in real pain. I mean we just couldn't -
people were giving us such a hard time. And I've had so much shit thrown
at me and especially at Yoko. People like Peter Brown in our office, he 
comes down and shakes my hand and doesn't even say hello to her. 
Now that's going on all the time. And we get in so much pain that we
have to do something about it. And that's what happened to us. We 
took H because of what The Beatles and their pals were doing to us
And we got out of it. They didn't set down to do it, but things came 
out of that period. And i don't forget!"
He also went to admit that he was still taking the drug when he 
recorded'Cold Turkey' and when he preformed it in 
September of 1969 at the Toronto Rock and Roll Revival festival! 
"We were full of junk too. I just threw up for hours till I went on. 
I nearly threw up in Cold Turkey - I had a review in Rolling 
Stone about the film of it - which I haven't seen yet, and 
they're saying, 'I was this and that.' And I was throwing up nearly 
in the number. I could hardly sing any of them, I was full of shit." 
The song Cold Turkey was released in October of 1969 and was 
rejected by Paul McCartney as a 'Beatles' song.  But Ringo did 
play drums for the track.  

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